Line Harness (1st Edition)

$ 39.99 $ 15.00

The Non-stop Half Harness, also known as the “Line Harness”, is ideal for everyday use, or for activities with more movement. It features excellent padding, fits comfortably, is fully adjustable and ensures that the dog does not get loose. The harness has an attachment for the line on top and bottom. The bottom attachment is for dog owners who train their dogs to track. The innovative design includes reflective material for good visibility in the dark.

The difference from the 1st edition version and the colored line harness are the following:

  • Color options (1st edition only available in black)
  • First edition has plastic clips and colored version has metal/plastic clips.
  • New colored version has anti-pull loop on the chest strap.
  • New colored version has the new Non-stop dogwear infinity logo.
  • All padding and the general style are the same.