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My name is Kale Casey, founder of the Alaska Dog Center and Producer of Dog Power Movie. For the past 10 years I’ve traveled the world to give audiences exclusive live sled dog race footage at IFSS Championships in France, Norway, Italy, Poland, Germany, Canada and Alaska. My business partner Carrie Pavlat and I built this international destination for dog lovers beginning in 2016. The  biggest names and the rookies who are just getting into active dog sports live in our direct and online communities. Together we are stronger, and we are all part of the Dog Power Family.

Our passion is that the highest possible standards in active dog care, gear, training and nutrition practices are known, available and understood by mushers worldwide. Transparency x Frequency = Trust. All of us want the best care possible for the canine athletes and we want you to be a part of the exciting worldwide movement.
We invite you to get inspired, share your passion, and get outside with your dog. Experience the connection between human and canine athlete that transforms lives for both able bodied and adaptive athletes around the world. Our video production headquarters is located at the brand new Alaska Dog Center in the heart of mushing country – Willow, Alaska USA. Stop in and say hello anytime! We are located 80 minutes north of Anchorage and 30 minutes south of Talkeetna, Alaska right on the highway at milemarker #73. Dogs welcome!!
My belief and the energy behind my passion is that we are one dog family unified by the love of these incredible canine athletes. Let’s learn more together, share more together and let’s celebrate together!!

See you on the live stream and thanks for all that you do to educate others about active dog sports

Best – Kale & Carrie