Winter Dog Sled Tours

basic Dog sled Tour

Alaska Dog Center

Family • Senior • Child • Adaptive Friendly

Comes with a Thrilling Dog Sled Ride Around our Private Fenced Trail

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Basic Dog Sled Tour

  • Price per Guest:           
    • Adult (13 +): $99       
    •  Children (12 and under): $65       
    • (Maximum 12 guests per tour)
  • Availability: Daily at 10am, Noon, 2pm, and 8pm (night tour)
  • Tour Length: 90 minutes
  • Distance: 3/4 Mile loop around our track (5 minute ride per guest)
  • Athletic Competency: Adaptive Friendly- This tour includes a short ride around our track and is adaptive friendly.  This is a perfect option for children and seniors to participate in a safe and smooth dog ride as well.  
  • What Do We Provide: Parkas, Mitts, Insulated Pants, and Hand Warmers.
  • What to Bring: Please Read Our Arrive Prepared page for information on what to wear and bring with on our tours. 


Description: This is our most popular tour! Your guide (along with a few canine friends) will welcome you in our cozy store with beverages and snacks. You will receive a crash course in the sport of dog mushing and learn about the ethics of dog sledding, dog care basics, types of mushing, and of course the famous Alaskan Iditarod. We are here to answer any questions you may have and look forward to sharing our love of the sport of dog mushing with you. Your guide will then help you gear up and you will head out to meet the sled dogs. We have parkas, mitts and insulated pants available for those who need them but please read our Come Prepared List for information on what to wear and bring to your tour.  You will have plenty of time to meet the sled dogs and your guide will teach you how to harness and hook up a team of dogs. Each guest will take a turn riding in the sled around our private, enclosed track.  You will have plenty of opportunities for photos and video as your friends and family ride past in the dog sled.  When your ride is over, give the dogs some love and toss them a frozen salmon snack as a thank you!

Premier Dog Sled Ride

Your Comfort is Our Highest Priority
Senior & Family Friendly
Safe and Private Tour Area Where Dogs Are Always Safe

Take a 1 hour ride on our beautiful sled dog trails!

You will have the opportunity to drive your own sled or relax and ride in the sled basket!

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Premier Dog Sled Ride

  • Price per Guest: $199 (Maximum 6 guests per tour)
  • Availability: Daily at 10am, Noon, 2pm, Sunset (4pm-7pm depending on date)
  • Tour Length: 2 hours
  • Distance: 8-10 Miles
  • Athletic Competency: Intermediate- This trip requires participants to partake in a 1 hour dog run.  All guests must be capable of spending at least 1 hour on their feet participating in moderate physical activity if they wish to drive the dog sled.  Guest also have the option of sitting in the sled for the duration of the dog ride for a less physical tour. 
  • What Do We Provide: Parkas, Mitts, and Insulated Pants.
  • What to Bring: Please Read Our Arrive Prepared page for information on what to wear and bring with on our tours. 

Description:  You will meet your guide to gear up and first things first: meet the sled dogs.  Your guide will give you a beginner’s lesson in driving a dog sled. You will also discuss the ethics of dogsledding, basic dog care, types of dogsledding, and much more. Once you harness and hook up your dog team, you will hit the trail with the dogs. During your ride, you will take turns riding in the sled and driving the tag sled with the other guests. A tag sled is a second sled attached to the dog team. Your guide will be on a sled in front for safety at all times.

Watch the breathtaking Alaskan scenery while driving your dog team through the wilderness and stop for photos with the dogs.  Once you get home, you will give the dogs a salmon snack and head inside to warm up and exchange photos with your guide.  This Tour is available at several times per day. Book the latest available option for a “sunset” tour (booking times will change throughout the winter as we gain more or less daylight.)
-Please call to book for larger groups than 3. Thank you! (907) 315-7188