Trekking Belt (hiking, canicross & skijoring)


Finally, a hands-free leash that stays comfortable for as long as you want to go!

The Trekking Belt by Non-Stop Dogwear is designed with Canicross and Skijoring athletes in mind, but it is also great for hiking, jogging, or simply taking your dog for a walk! With a fully-adjustable comfort fit that is highly-padded and wide across the lower back to evenly-distribute load, this popular Scandinavian design will change the way you experience exercise with your dog. Hooks on both sides of the belt are perfect for attaching a water bottle or canine accouterments.

This belt is GREAT for:

  • Canicross and Skijoring athletes who are looking for the most comfortable equipment available
  • Active hikers and joggers who desire more mobility when bringing their dog along
  • Dog owners whose arms are sore from being jerked around by a leash

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