Safe Life Jacket


Let your canine swim to their heart’s content without concern for injury or visibility!

The Safe Life Jacket by Non-Stop Dogwear is simply the most advanced and dog-friendly life vest on the market today. It is made with human-grade floatation material because why would we put our dogs in anything else? The jacket is highly adjustable and uses rub-resistant materials for endless hours of pain-free swimming (unlike most other brands that cause a painful chest rub). Safety features include reflective trim that will light-up in the water when a flashlight is shone on it, and a heavy-duty “rescue” handle on the back for retrieving your dog from the water. The underbelly is specially designed to evenly distribute the load of your dog so that they can be lifted without injury. Your dog will thank you for investing in their swimwear!

This jacket is GREAT for:

  • Elite dogs who are exercising for their next, big event and don’t have time for injuries
  • Hunting dogs who need to retrieve game from the water safely
  • Active dogs who swim frequently enough to experience rubbing from other brands

Watch the video below and read some of our raving reviews for more information!


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