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Basic Dog Sled Tour – 2 Hour Experience

Family • Senior • Child • Adaptive Friendly

Comes with a Thrilling Dog Sled Ride Around our Private Fenced Trail

  • Adults (over 12):                 $99
  • Children 12 and under:       $65

This is our most popular tour! Your guide (along with a few canine friends) will welcome you in our cozy store with beverages and snacks. You will receive a crash course in the sport of dog mushing and learn about the ethics of dog sledding, dog care basics, types of mushing, and of course the famous Alaskan Iditarod. We are here to answer any questions you may have and look forward to sharing our love of the sport of dog mushing with you. Your guide will then help you gear up (we have parkas, mitts and bibs available for those who need them but please bring proper cold weather footwear and headwear) and you will head out for a short dog ride on our private trail in our fully fenced-in property. You will have the chance to stand on the runners or ride in the sled. When your ride is over, give the dogs some love and toss them a frozen salmon snack as a thank you!

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Sunset mushing at the Alaska Dog Center in Willow at Mile 73
Your Comfort is Our Highest Priority
Arctic light ranges from pink to golden yellow and purple.
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Beautiful Alaska Year Round
Alaska Dog Center in Willow Alaska the Mushing Capitol of the World
Aurora on many nights at the Alaska Dog Center
Alaska Dog Center in Willow Alaska the Mushing Capitol of the World

Sunset Run Tour- 3 Hour Experience

Set out on a 10 mile dog run just before sunset and arrive back at the kennel in the dark by headlamp. 

  • Per Guest                                   $199

You will meet your guide at our cozy store to gear up and receive a beginner’s lesson in driving a dog sled.  Your guide will inform you about equipment, commands, and what to expect on the sled.  Once you are ready, you will head out to the kennel to meet the dogs.  While your guide hooks up your dog team, you can  stay warm by the outdoor fire pit.  During your ride, you will take turns riding in the sled and driving the sled with the other guests.  You will be driving a tag sled.  A tag sled is a second sled attached to the dog team so your guide will be available to assist when necessary. Watch the breathtaking Alaskan sunset while driving your dog team through the Alaskan wilderness.  Then turn on your headlamp halfway through your run and let the dogs guide you home in the dark. 

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Night Mushing and Overnight Expeditions at the Alaska Dog Center
Night Mushing at the Alaska Dog Center
Night Mushing with Headlamps in Alaska
Mushing School and Tours
Night Mushing and Northern Lights at the Alaska Dog Center
Night Mushing with Fires at the Alaska Dog Center

Night Run Tour- 3 Hour Experience

There is nothing more magical than traveling by dog team at night.  We will run 8 miles under the Alaskan night sky and if you’re lucky, you may even see the Northern Lights!

  • Per Guest:                                                        $199

You will meet your guide and a few of our canine athletes in our cozy store for beverages and snacks before your run.  Your guide will introduce you to the sport of dog mushing and give you a quick lesson in how to drive your own sled.  Once you are geared up, you will head out to the kennel to meet the dogs. The kennel is beautifully lit with warm string lights creating an unforgettable scene. Next, you will assist your guide in harnessing and hooking up your dog team and take off for your run.  You’ll be riding in the sled or driving a tag sled (a second sled attached to the dog team) and halfway guests will switch so everyone gets to experience both driving and riding.  We will stop in a big open swamp to stargaze, look for Aurora, and take photos.   Then it’s time to head home to warm up by the fire and look for Aurora one last time.  

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Drive Your Own Dog Team at Bad Manners Kennel

This tour takes place at Bad Manners Kennel located 30 miles north of Alaska Dog Center.  You will learn the ins and outs of Off Grid living with 33 sled dogs. Then hook up a dog team and drive your own sled for a 5 mile run. 

  • Per Guest:                                       $199

The owner of Bad Manners Kennel, Carrie Pavlat will invite you into her home to show you the ins and outs of living “off grid” with 33 dogs.  Living off grid is a common way of life for Alaskans all over the state and comes with many challenges especially in Alaska’s harsh climate.  Next you will meet the dogs and gear up for a run through gorgeous swamps and spruce tree forests.  Carrie will give you a crash course on driving your own sled and you will be given the opportunity to run your verydown team of sled dogs.  On clear days you can see Mt Denali and the Talkeetna Mountain range.  Head back to the kennel and give the dogs some love and some frozen fish!  This tour has time slots available during daylight hours or slots at night for Aurora viewing.  

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Overnight Glamping Trip

Sleep under the Alaskan night sky in comfort.  Enjoy cozy winter camping in a wood stove heated  tent. 

  • Per Guest: $950
Your guide will deliver you to a fully assembled camp by dog team.  You will arrive to a warm tent with a wood stove, cots with bedding, and a campfire to sit around outside.  Your guide will care for and feed the dogs, help cook dinner, as well as sleep out with the dogs.  Your guide will wake you if the Northern Lights make an appearance as well. After a big breakfast we will pack up camp and run the dogs home. 
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Expedition Experience

This is your opportunity to see if you have what it takes to be a musher.  On this overnight camping trip with the sled dogs, you will participate in every task including driving your own dog team, setting up camping, feeding dogs, and cooking your own dinner. 

  • Per Guest: $799

Give yourself a true Alaskan Experience. This overnight will teach you the skills and give you the knowledge necessary for comfortable winter camping with a dog team.  You will sleep snugly in a wood stove heated tent.  You will also be given the opportunity to travel to the camp spot on your own dog team and you will learn how to care for the sled dogs in a camping environment.  If Aurora makes an appearance, you guide will wake you up.  Sit around the campfire before bed and listen to your guide share stories from the trail.  

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